Other Projects

One interesting project I have been working on is a Deployment server that will push out Windows images as well as Linux Images.

This took a bit of configuring as I started with a Windows 2012 R2 Server configured as Domain Controller with the usual DHCP and DNS rolls Installed. The adding WDS and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013. After adding Images and successfully pushing them out and capturing reference images, it was time to set about to configure it to be able to deploy Linux based images as well.

Many hours of searching the Interwebs and I had several comprehensive guides to follow, all very similar. After about a week and some additional help from a Linux skilled person I have a server that will deploy Windows images via the normal WDS interafce, and Linux images.

I currently two Linux flavours being deployed, Centos, which goes through the full install process, and Ubuntu, which loads the live desktop with the option to Install.
The third one Im trying to get working is Debian. The issue I have with this is I can get the live desktop loaded with an Install option and it works to the point of installing Grub, but then fails. I’m stuck on this….

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