Deploying Linux From a Windows 2012 WDS Server

My next post will be Deploying Linux and other tools from a Windows 2012R2 WDS Server.

Before I post this up I’m going to condense my notes to almost bullet point and try to provide a link to those files that need adding to the WDS server to get the new menu structure loading.
Then I will provide details on how to get Ubuntu and Centos to load , as well as Part’d Magic and Clonezilla.

It is essential ( I think) that you begin with a fully working WDS Server.  Mine has WDS, a Windows 10 ADK*, and MDT 2013 update 2 installed and configured. For ease, all roles are on the same server….

Stay tuned
* Note, There is probably no relationship between having the MDT Tool kit installed for deploying linux. This is just my set up. However, depending on the release of window 10, if you want an OS to deploy, there is a definitive ADK for the release being used. i.e there is an ADK for Windows 10 build 1511 and one for build 1607.

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