Chris here

This site is for me to post things that I have done in a Windows environment, like the Windows Deployment on seperate servers, and the reconfiguration to allow us to deploy Linux operating systems, to help those who might be trying the same thing.

There a heaps of well written “how tos” on the web, some a little clustered, some a little brief. The tutorials here have been put together from my working system giving information on what I have done to make my system work. I have then rebuilt a system using the same notes that are provided here to ensure it works.

I have provided links to the setup files that are needed to simplify the setup, and links to the software I have used, again in an effort to ensure that those following this guide have success in getting their system working

I am running this site on my own webserver inĀ  Windows 2012R2 Hyper-V. Sitting in the same physical server is a virtual Domain controller, Exchange 2013 Server and a RAS Server configured for VPN access

Other windows things I have played with include a 2 node exchange cluster with a single CAS front end, and just for something to kill time, a 2 node NLB Web servers.

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