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Finally took the plunge

Well, after hanging off for 12 months I finally took the plunge and upgraded the home PC to windows 10.  An event actually forced my hand. I was checking some USB sticks out to see what was on them when the PC blue screened after I stuck one in, No big deal I just rebooted, but what I was left with pushed me to do a complete reinstall. I was give the dreaded NTLDR Missing error message.

I tried several times to d a startup repair but no cigar, even a fixboot and fix mbr didn’t work.  So out with a Windows 10 Bootable USB stick and away I went.
So , working until 11pm on a cold Canberra winters night, I had windows installed, office and both printers working, this just left my Canon scanner that doesnt have a windows 10 driver. After hunting on the Interwebs I found one and of I went and installed it. Still no working scanner. Thinking something else may be wrong I plugged it into another USB port, and there was the usual ding dong of something being detected on a USB port, Scanner working.